Optimal Head Size

With a generous 103 square-inch head, the Zeta-X perfectly blends power and control, ensuring you can hit powerful and accurate shots.

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at only 249 grams, this racket allows for swift maneuverability, reducing arm fatigue during long matches and enabling quick responses to every shot.

Perfect Balance

The balance point of 37.5 cm ensures the racket is evenly weighted, providing a stable and comfortable feel that enhances your control over each stroke.

High Tension Capability

Capable of handling string tensions up to 60 lbs, the Zeta-X offers you the flexibility to fine-tune your racket to your preferred tension, optimizing your performance on the court.

Advanced String Pattern

The 16x19 string pattern delivers excellent spin potential, allowing you to apply aggressive topspin or slice with ease, giving you a competitive edge.

Effortless Control