HexaFoam Midsole

The Hyper Turf shoes feature a HexaFoam midsole, providing superior shock absorption. This advanced cushioning technology ensures players remain comfortable and energized throughout long matches, perfect for enduring the rigors of competitive play.

TerraSpike Outsole

Equipped with the advanced TerraSpike outsole, the Hyper Turf shoes guarantee unbeatable grip and stability. This design enables players to execute swift and precise movements confidently across various synthetic pitch conditions.

High-Quality Vegan Leather Upper

Crafted from high-quality vegan leather, the Hyper Turf shoes are both durable and environmentally conscious. This material ensures the shoes withstand frequent play while supporting sustainability, making them a smart choice for eco-aware athletes.

Stability Plate Embedded

The Hyper Turf includes a strategically embedded stability plate in the midsole, enhancing foot support and reducing the risk of injuries. This feature is crucial for maintaining peak performance safely during intense gameplay.

Robust Construction

Built to last, the Hyper Turf shoes offer exceptional durability and consistent comfort. These shoes are designed to endure intense and frequent cricket matches, providing a reliable choice for serious players.

Run Up, Roll , Rampage