Ioniq 80 (Navy/Blue)
Ioniq 80 (Navy/Blue)
Ioniq 80 (Navy/Blue)
Ioniq 80 (Navy/Blue)
Ioniq 80 (Navy/Blue)
Ioniq 80 (Navy/Blue)

Ioniq 80


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Head Heavy


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Hundred's IONIQ 80 racket is built for powerful smashes and clears with its head-heavy balance. It's made tough with Super Weave Carbon Fibre for durability and strength. The shaft's flexibility allows for quick swings, boosted by Vapour Shaft & Aero Weave tech for speed and less air resistance. The Curve2 design adds accuracy to your shots, and the Power Beam System provides stability.

Product RangeIoniq

Player TypeAttacking

Player LevelProfessional

Weight82 grams

BalanceHead Heavy

Shaft FlexibilityFlexible

Racket Grip SizeG6

Maximum Racket Tension34 LBS (pounds)

MaterialCarbon Fibre

Product Type
badminton racket / HBRX-2U182 / 186

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₹5,290.00 (incl. taxes)