Strip 1

Step One

To reveal the middle section of adhesive, rip the backing paper in the center of the first strip and pull it back.

Step Two

Apply a mild stretch while keeping the outside of the hip slightly extended, and press the tape straight over the area of discomfort.

Step Three

Without stretching, One by one, place the final 2 inches as anchor at either end.

Strip 2

Step One

Tear the backing paper in the middle of the second strip, then peel it back to reveal the adhesive's central section. Apply the same method immediately across the first strip and repeat with the second.

Step Two

Without stretching, lay down the anchors at both ends.

Strip 3 & 4

Step One

To construct a star formation, apply the third and fourth strips using the same method, applying them diagonally across the previous strips.

Step Two

Without any stretching, lay down all the anchors. Smooth over the full application with a little rubbing heat and ensure the tape is completely applied to the skin.