HexaFoam Midsole

The HexaFoam Midsole is a breakthrough in footwear cushioning technology, designed to absorb impact and provide superior comfort. Its unique hexagonal structure evenly distributes pressure, ensuring a cushioned and responsive feel with every step. Ideal for high-energy sports, the HexaFoam Midsole enhances performance by reducing foot fatigue and offering exceptional shock absorption, making it a vital feature for athletes seeking both comfort and durability.

HexaFoam's Midsole is a game-changer for cricket players, providing several benefits that enhance performance and comfort:

TerraSpike Outsole

The TerraSpike Rubber Outsole is engineered for exceptional traction and stability on various surfaces. Its advanced design features strategically placed spikes that provide a secure grip, allowing for agile and confident movements.

Ideal for high-performance sports like cricket, the TerraSpike Outsole ensures players maintain balance and control during quick pivots and sprints. Additionally, its durable rubber composition enhances longevity, making it a reliable choice for athletes demanding both performance and resilience in their footwear.

Vegan Leather Upper

The PU or Engineered Leather Upper, also known as Vegan Leather, is a modern innovation in cricket footwear. This material combines durability and flexibility, offering a robust yet comfortable fit that withstands the rigors of intense play. It is crafted to provide excellent breathability and support, keeping players' feet cool and secure.

Additionally, as an eco-friendly alternative, Vegan Leather aligns with sustainable practices, making it a responsible choice for athletes who prioritize both performance and environmental consciousness.

Stability Plate Embedded

A support plate in cricket shoes is a critical feature designed to enhance stability and performance. Positioned within the midsole, this plate provides additional support, preventing excessive foot movement and reducing the risk of injuries. It helps maintain proper foot alignment during high-impact activities, such as batting, bowling, and quick lateral movements. By distributing pressure evenly across the foot, the support plate also minimizes fatigue, allowing players to perform at their best for longer periods. This innovation ensures that cricketers have the necessary support and balance to excel on the field.

Well Cushioned Design

The X-Cushion in cricket shoes is designed to provide exceptional heel support, enhancing overall comfort and stability. This advanced cushioning system absorbs impact effectively, reducing strain on the heel during intense activities like lunges, run-ups, or jumps on the cricket field.